about ridetitude

Ridetitude was established as a social media account in early 2019, the sole purpose of the page was to feature motorcycle tour operators as well as other riders around the globe. We aimed to create a motorcycle community and direct it towards motorcycle touring companies. The response from the community could´t have been better, and today we are a growing community of motorcycle riders around the planet. 

During the pandemic, we created a series of live interviews with different CEO’s of touring companies with the idea of allowing them to explain to their customers their future plans post-pandemic. Once again the response, from both, tour operators and riders was astonishing. Everybody was very thankful about the initiative. 

But we thought we couldn’t stop our progress and support towards motorcycle tour operators, and then we created a tool for these businesses that will solve many of their communication issues with their customers. We created an app that allows customers to find all the tour operators around the globe and contact them in a very efficient an easy way. 

Our Mission

“To connect riders around the world with the best motorcycle touring companies, keeping the motorcycle community united.”

Tour operators


We want riders to explore the world on a motorcycle, we want to provide them with an experience of a life-time. Our aim is for riders to connect with the best motorcycle touring companies like yours, no matter where the riders are, they will always have access to your tour information. 

Gear up and get ready for your next motorcycle adventure!



We are in an industry that is driven by passion,  no matter the type of motorbike you ride, we all believe in motorcycle touring. We get it, we are riders too, if it has an engine and two wheels you will find us on it.

We are driven by adventure, we are willing to forego our routine to explore new territories and go beyond our limits.  Adventure is not for everyone, but for riders who make the commitment, there is not limit.  

We believe in efficiency, we just want riders to live their passion in a practical and simple way, search their destination, find their favorite motorcycle touring company and RIDE!