An App For Motorcycle Tour Operators

Motorcycle travel agencies

 An app made for motorcycle tour operators, but with the rider in mind

After our successful #fullthrottleagain series on Instagram, the Ridetitude team never stopped working, as we thought it was the most important time to provide help to motorcycle tour operators around the world, and so the Ridetitude APP was born. The concept is definitely not new, an app with tour operators around the world where they can advertise their tours, on the other side, potential clients can search for their favorite trip. Apparently nothing new…

So What’s Different Then?

So the main difference is that it is actually a web app that you can download to your home screen on your phone. The other major difference is for touring companies. Tour operators may rely on travel agencies to sell their trips, however, this becomes a very expensive service as the agencies normally keep a very high percentage of the sale (normally between 15 and 20 percent), so if the tour operator sells a tour through an agency with a total value of $5000 they’d have to pay $1000, and as our friend, Court Rand from Ecuador Freedom says, “this money could go to provide better hotels to our customers”. From Ridetitude we don’t like commissions, you sell the trip, and you keep 100 percent of your money. So what’s the secret then, how does Ridetitude make money? We charge a small monthly fee and you can sell as many tours as you want!

 An app for tour operators but with the traveler in mind

What Else Does The App Offer?

From our experience, the communication between the customer and the operators sometimes can be a bit difficult, so we’ve concentrated our efforts on improving this aspect. We have automated the communication between you and your customers, and with a simple click, you will automatically receive an e-mail from your potential client showing interest on your tour. 

 The app

Other Features

The tours and tour operators are divided by continent and country, so you can easily find tours in a specific area of the world, making it much simpler when you are trying to find your next adventure. You can also filter the tours by price, dates, or ratings. The app as an internal rating system, but it also goes beyond this, as the tour operator can display a web view of their Tripadvisor page so customers can also see reviews from previous riders. 

The app as a simple and intuitive interface for both, the customer and the tour operator, providing a great experience for both sides, while searching or uploading a tour.

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