Best Motorcycle Tour Operators in Spain


The land of siesta, daily life in Spain moves slowly and runs late, however, it’s absolute heaven for motorcyclists. 

Spain is beautiful, dynamic, and interesting country with a lot of regional uniqueness and variety. The country offers every kind of landscape, from mountains to coasts and even deserts, offering some of the best roads in the world. 

Spaniards love to host visitors, drink good wine, and enjoy a good meal. Gastronomy in Spain is varied and exquisite, having some of the best restaurants on the planet. 

Here’s the list of the top 5 companies in Spain:


Euromotour organizes unique routes through Europe and Morocco, but not just any route. The level of detail and luxury is taken above and beyond the average company. They offer tours with a very limited amount of riders, making it a unique experience. 

The company offers you the latest BMW R1250GS models with not more than 6 months on their engines and the most luxurious hotels. There are four members of staff on each tour to make sure each customer gets taken care of as they deserve and they also bring a luxury RV on every trip to accommodate customers throughout the day, on top of the support vehicle that will carry all the luggage and a spare motorcycle.


One of the key aspects that takes Euromotour to a next level, is that they change their routes every year, offering their clients a new experience every time they travel with them.    

Pau Travel Moto

Pau Travel Moto is situated in one of the most privileged cities in Europe, Barcelona. This city gives you easy access to the Pyrenees, the Alps, all the mediterrani¡an, Portugal and Northern Africa, basically heaven on earth for bikers, all the best roads in the world right outside your front door. This already means a plus without saying a word about the company! Awesome

But as you can imagine, we have to say things about the company, and all of them good. The first one, and really fresh news: THEY JUST MOVED TO A NEW OFFICE AND IT LOOKS AWESOME! Right in the center of Barcelona.

Pau Travel Moto offers self-guided tours and bespoke tours. Bespoke tours are offered as self-guided or guided, you choose. They also give you the option of just giving you the route and some basic information, or plann the whole tour for you, including hotels, restaurants, etc. The options are great and will adjust to all the pockets!

They have a large fleet of motorcycles, working mainly with BMW and Honda, although we have to say  that Queen of their fleet is the Honda Africa Twin. 

So if you are thinking to visit Barcelona, but you don´t want to be another tourist, visit Pau Travel Moto to visit Barcelona from another prospective.

Road Super Travel

Road Super Travel is formed by a young team of riders that one day started sharing their motorcycle adventures and now they want to share them with you. Most of their guides are very popular on social media, especially Alvaro, founder of Road Super Travel and Road Super Tramp.

Road Super Travel

They offer great routes through Spain, including routes through the Pyrenees and Catalunya. They also offer great routes through Italy, Ireland, and Portugal. They have a whole team of professionals and experienced riders that will provide you with the best motorcycle experience. Their motto? “We don´t want customers, we want friends”. 

The guides at Road Super Travel are adventurers themselves, they’ve all done their own adventure, they’ve all traveled the world, and they are always so happy to share their stories and knowledge with you! 

Canary Ride

Most people know the Canary Islands for its weather and their beaches, and of course, there’s nothing wrong about it, the weather is perfect all year round and the beaches are gorgeous. But there’s something a lot of people don’t notice, the roads and the amazing local food, and Canary Ride is here to show you this magnificent archipelago. 

They will plan bespoke tours, adjusting and fulfilling all your needs. They will adapt to your budget and they will always offer you the best option to explore the islands. 

Canary Ride has a great fleet of motorcycles that are perfect for the twisty and hilly roads of the Canaries. They offer from a small Honda CRF250 or KTM Duke 390 to a Multistrada 950 or Africa Twin 1100

So if you want to find out more about this great area of Spain, and not only lay on the beach, get in contact with Canary Ride and explore the unknown, you won’t regret it! is a Spanish company based in Madrid. Founded by a former MotoGP TV presenter, Keko Ochoa; and David Colash, a former supplier of carbon fiber for some Moto GP teams as well as Dakar teams; it makes this company quite a special one. Both of them are also test-riders for some of the most famous magazines in Spain, so you’ll definitely be in good hands. offers both, short weekend trips, but also some of the most astonishing adventures you could imaging, including a trip from Spain to Dakar or an adventure in the Himalayas.

Their short weekend trips are perfect for a quick getaway, and they are normally around the area of Madrid. If you want to get away from the city buzz and get to ride some of the greatest roads around Madrid, is the perfect company to trust and they will organize an unforgettable experience. 

If you are more adventurous, will be there to cover your needs too. They offer routes in Morocco, Kenya, Himalayas, a trip from north to south of Portugal, or even Costa Rica and Panama. The list is endless, but the fun and the quality of their tours is also endless. They will take care of every detail you could imagine, to make sure you come back again!

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