Best Interactive Itinerary For An Unforgettable Trip

interactive itinerary

Planning a trip for your customers can be both fun and overwhelming. What’s the best route, twisty roads, or sightseeing? What places should my customers visit? Where should they eat? And the main question, how can you put all these ideas together and provide them to the customer in a well-organized way?

Having a trip planner will be essential to organize all the plans and also provide access to all the necessary information. A way of putting all the information together is by giving your customer a trip brochure with all the basic information, or you can also give them a PDF. 

But let’s be realistic, trip brochures are old styled, they require a lot of work to design (if you want to have a good looking one), you have to print them, and all this means money, a lot of money by the end of the year, and most likely the customer will lose it after day one.

A PDF format can be a good solutions since the customer can keep the informationon on their phone or computer, but the main problem is that it looks boring, and finding the informationcan can be tricky.

So What’s The Solution?

An interactive itinerary app! Ridetitude has developed a simple, yet functional app to provide your customers with the best trip itinerary. This app can be for both, guided or self-guided tours and can include all the necessary information to make an awesome trip. And not only that, the interface is very appealing and attractive which will make a great experience for your travelers. 

Interactive itinerary

The interactive itinerary app will provide your travelers with the basic daily information, with the recommended must-see sights, with all the hotel and restaurant reservations, basic information about the country they are visiting, and also information about each destination they go to. 

In case of an emergency, they will have access to the most important phone numbers, so from the local emergency service to their embassy or your company’s phone number. 

This app makes travel simpler and it will provide your travelers with a much more enjoyable experience. And if they like the trip you planned for them they can simply share it with all their friends. 

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