Amazing Apps You Need When Traveling On a Motorcycle

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Ridetitude APP

Are you trying to plan a motorcycle tour but you can’t find the right tour operator? Ridetitude has the answer. We’ve created a web app so you can look for your favorite tour operators around the world. It is completely free of charge and you can use it on both, on your laptop or phone. 

Finding the right tour operator can sometimes be a tricky task, and even more, getting in contact with them, but Ridetitude has solved this issue by automating communication between you and the operator, so booking becomes easier. Simply find the country you want to go to, find your favorite tour operator and contact them to plan your next adventure.

Ridetitude app

On top of that, we are not a travel agency, so there are no hidden fees or commissions when purchasing a trip, you will pay what the tour operator has advertised. By not charging commissions, tour operators can use that money to plan a much better experience with you, whereas if they had to pay 15 or 20 percent commission, this would mean that the budget for your trip would be lower and hence not the greatest trip.

Interactive Itinerary by Ridetitude

This app is more for tour operators to offer to their clients, but the final user will be you, the rider. When purchasing a trip, whether is a guided or self-guided trip, tour operators will normally give you a brochure with all the information about the trip. Now, this has become old fashioned, not environmentally friendly since you have to print it, and let’s face it, you will probably lose it before the first day ends. With this app, you have all the necessary information for your trip on your phone. You can have access to your daily information, recommended must-see sights, all your hotel reservations, access to emergency contact numbers, and a detailed description of every destination you visit. You will also have basic information about the country you are in, so some basic history, currency information, public transportation, etc. This app will not only give customers a better experience, but it will also help tour operators reduce their costs when preparing an outstanding tour presentation for their customers. The app will make travel simpler and more enjoyable for both, customers and the operator. 

An interactive itinerary app

Since the app is unique and has to adapt to every company, it has to be custom made, although the essentials will be similar for everyone. If you are interested in implementing the app in your business and wow your customers make sure you drop us a line!


Have you found yourself stuck with google maps trying to figure out what the best route is? I have, and it is so time-consuming! Zooming in, zooming out, opening street view, closing it, checking google for best routes, etc. to essentially get nowhere and not getting the best route. Calimoto solves this problem in such a cool way, you enter Point A and Pont B and it works out the coolest route ever, but not only any twisty road but also a route with great views, don’t know how they do it but it’s awesome. And it gets better, ITS FREE!!

Calimoto, no more straight roads

Of course, there are paid features, but the basic stuff and probably the best aspects of the app are free. You can then get the paid features which include lean angles, acceleration and braking rates…but do you really need that? I personally don’t use it. When you download the app, they provide you with a free region on the map, normally based on your location, but you can choose a different one. You can also purchase maps for the whole world which gives you access offline, and its only about $70, which is very reasonable if you compare it to the $600+ that a GPS can cost. So definitely a MUST-HAVE app, and probably time to get rid of your old GPS. Here’s a quick video so get an idea of what it is.

Dark Sky

Let’s be real, bike and rain don’t go together. First is dangerous, and second, it’s not a pleasant thing to get wet while riding. Although as a rider you always have to be prepared for the worst weather, there are ways to avoid it. One way to do it is like the old days, look at the sky and if it’s too cloudy you stay home and dry,  but you could be missing a great day of riding just because of some clouds. So to avoid this situation there are some great apps out there that will give you the weather information, one of them is Dark Sky. You can’t control the weather, but this app can help you prep for Mother Nature’s plans. This app gives you real-time weather reports, and in fact, the app has such great reviews and its so good, that Apple bought it to keep it exclusive. Android users can choose Hyperlocal Weather & Radar, which offers you similar results. 

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